About Us

It's All About Our Story

Medical marjuana dispensary

Welcome to our home. Where the grass is not just greener, it’s better.

Some people come knowing what they’re looking for— a tincture to ease the pain or perhaps a flower to make the day brighter.

Then there are those who come in curious, ready to start their journey with this ancient plant.

Whatever your reason is, we’re happy you’re here, honored to be your guides. We’re here to figure out what works for you, with you.

After all, cannabis is not one-size-fits-all.

At flydc we’re obsessed with growing the best strains. Meticulous about using only house-grown, lab-tested plants. Ensuring what you get from us is just as honest as Mother Nature herself.

So, ask us anything. There’s no such thing as a bad question — only people passing knowledge under one roof. And yes, we do pass it from the left-hand side.

Make yourself at home. Let’s talk about cannabis. And let our confidence become yours.

Fly DC